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Infertility Treatment By Ayurveda

With the changing lifestyles, Infertility is on rising. However, it is still a taboo in our society and people hesitate to talk about this problem. Nowadays, Infertility is the hardest issue faced by married couples and it can appear in both male and female. There are lots of remedies to cure Infertility and one can choose various from Allopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda or any other way to treat it.
While most of the people choose Allopathy due to its easy availability and early results, Ayurveda also offers effective treatment for Infertility. You must try Infertility treatment by ayurveda if facing the problem of infertility.
Ayurveda has been in practice for years for treating many diseases. It is very helpful in treating serious diseases without giving any side-effect, unlike Allopathy. As far as Infertility is concerned, Ayurveda has proved to be very beneficial to treat this disease. Our healthcare Center has been providing helpful Ayurvedic Medicines for the year which have helped many couples to plan their baby. We have Ayurvedic medicines for both men and women who are facing this Infertility issue.
For men, we offer medicines in the cases of -


It is a condition where the sperm count is very low. Also, the man faces problem in getting and maintaining the erection. Impotency can also be associated with this. Our medicines which are made from the ingredients like ashwagandha and shilajit, treat this problem very effectively.


Asthenospermia is a condition of low motility of the sperm cells where they cannot move forward quickly. By taking our medicines many people have noticed a benefit for this disease.


The condition of dysfunctional spermatozoa in which the sperm is not normal or ideal is called Teratospermia. Our medicines are composed of Ayurvedic ingredients like Kapikacchu are very helpful in treating this disease.


It is the condition of complete lack of sperms during ejaculation. Aspermia is also the same kind of disease. Our medicines based on banyan tree bark composition are highly recommended medicines for treating these two diseases. 
For all such cases, our company offers specific medicines which are 100% ayurvedic.

In case of females, the possible causes of infertility are -

Cervical factor -

The inability of sperm to reach uterus due to the fault in the cervix. Our medicines help in eradicating this problem in a short time.

Ovarian factor

This is the condition of failed or irregular ovarian function. Our medicines which are based on the Ayurvedic composition of the ingredients like Phala Ghritam and Gokshura are highly beneficial in treating this disease.
We also provide effective medicines for treating ovulatory dysfunction and Uterine factor. Our healthcare Center has special doctors for prescribing medicines to women who are suffering from infertility.
As far as the results are concerned, we have proven results and lots of people have been benefited by taking our medicines. The medicines we offer are completely based on the principles of Ayurveda. We also provide detailed consultation from our Ayurvedic healthcare specialists to avail you the most suitable treatment after listening to your problem. We keep asking about your progress in overcoming the disease.
All these services very affordable which make our centre a highly recommend one.

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