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  Panchakarma Treatment

Panchakarma is a Sanskrit word meaning five actions or treatments. It is a process used in cleaning your body of toxic materials left by disease and poor nutrition and also has various therapeutic functions in multiple diseases. Well, normally your body has the innate ability to effectively process and eradicate all these waste materials that includes vitiated doshas. However, due to repeated dietary indiscretions, lack of regular workouts and hectic life styles the digestive enzymes, metabolism process, that controls the internal homeostasis of your body stops functioning properly.

Thus, it led to the accumulation and spread of all toxic elements in the body causing diseases. This very waste matter is called Ama in Ayurveda which has a foul smell and happen to be sticky, and harmful substance that needs to be fully eradicated out from the body. So the best natural solution to all these issues is available in our ancient Vedic Ayurveda itself and this solution is none other than Panchakarma.

More Facts On Panchakarma • It is a fivefold therapy that is highly individualized and based on the needs of the individual depending on the Ayurvedic Constitutional type, doshic imbalance, age, digestive strength, immune status and multiple other factors. • So depending on the condition of patients and requirements all or only parts of the five therapies of Panchakarma are utilized. • This entire process is conducted by specially trained therapists and Panchakarma expert Ayurvedic doctors in a definite sequence all for a particular period of time. • So, though Panchakarma is for the most part a delightful and completely natural therapy that has no side effects. • Though sometimes there can be periods of discomfort linked with the profound release of toxins else, this treatment is 100% safe and risk free.


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The Panchakarma Process:

The treatment in Panchakarma is usually going through three phases of detoxes and that area :

  1. Purvakarma - A preparation for cleansing
  2. Pradhankarma- It is a main course of Panchakarma treatment that includes five cleansing process
  3. Pashchatkarma- It is an aftercare process which is therapies applied after cleansing

A) Purvakarma : This includes all the following steps :

1. Internal Snehan (Oleation therapy) :
• - Here, medicated oils and ghee are used. All this helps in eliminating impurities so that elimination becomes easier. And similarly External snehan involves various kinds of massage with medicated oils.

2. Swedan (sweating) :
• Swedan (The main purpose of the Poorvakarma therapies is to begin to loosen, liquefy and move Sweating) - Sweating is done shortly after the massage. This is usually done in a sweat box and the Puvakarma process is often underappreciated in the grand scheme of well-organized administration of Panchakarma the vitiated doshas from its abnormal sites in peripheral tissues to the actual central site within the alimentary canal.


B) Pradhan Karma : Well, this main course of treatment consists of five phases which are as follows

1. Vamana (use of emetics) :
• Here, artificial vomiting is induced using herbs and it is highly indicated for people with kapha (phlegm) disorders .





2. Virechan (use of laxatives): • - Various purgatives are often used depending upon a person's constitution and disease. So it is used mainly to eradicate all excessive Pitta (fire) from its site in the small intestines


3. Vasti :
• It is another most vital purification treatment as it relieves constipation, chronic fever, cold, sexual disorders, kidney stones, heart pain, backache, sciatica, joints pain and also used in treating arthritis, gout, rheumatism, headaches, etc. Thus, Vasti is a treatment where herbal medicines like medicated oils, decoctions, medicated milk are administered through rectum through a device called vasthiyantra.


4. Nasya (Nasal administration): This is the 4th of the five phases of Panchakarma treatment and here medicinal oils or herbal mixtures are inhaled or can be used as drops in the nostrils for clearing the nose and the nasal pathway. It is also good for balancing the air in vata..




5. Rakta Mokshana or bloodletting: • This is the final fifth phase of the treatment. Here, blood donations are recommended by doctors of Panchakarma as it has been shown by the researchers of Kansas Medical Center in the Kansas City have found that people who are non-smokers mainly men who donates blood had a 30% reduced risk of cardiovascular events such as heart attack, bypass and stroke compare to non-donors.


If you have looking for most safe and effective treatment for it, do contact us and visit our clinics at the earliest.

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