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  Uttar Vasti Therapy

It is called douche in simple terms. It is done after the completion of menstrual cycle when the female genital tract is receptive to the administration of medicated formulation. It is indicated in uterine disorders, Bladder disorders, dysmenorrhoea, menorrhagia, primary infertility .3- 5 ml of medicated unctuous formulation can be administered into the uterine cavity by means of a 5 cc syringe guided with a cusco speculum. It is done for a period of 7 days with gradual increase of dose of the medicine. In men it is done in urethral disorders and known as Urethral douche.

Practice Uttara Vasti indications: sexually active, vaginal infections, malodor, dryness or soreness of vaginal passage, PMS, irregular or excessive menstrual flow, venereal diseases, infertility, hormonal imbalances, menopause, disorders of the uterus, breast cancer, directly after sexual intercourse, or as a birth control measure

Contra Indications: Do not practice during or right after menstruation, vaginal bleeding, or hemorrhaging, in extreme hot or cold weather, directly after eating, during diarrhea, after emesis, purgation, or enema, if emaciated, at certain daily junctions (sunrise, noon, sunset, midnight) if not yet sexually active, if pregnant or breast feeding, directly after miscarriage, directly before menses, during fibroid treatments or bleeding fibroids.

Appropriate times for application: 7:00-8:00 (morning and evening)

What we do:

Therapies available to correct tubal factore are entirely surgical and surgeory does not yield satisfying result.In Ayurveda, Panchkarma is prescribed for redial cure of the disease.Utter vasti is process in which route of Administration of medicine by Urethra in male and Vaginal route in female.

This process is done after Shodhan Karma ( were number of sitting depends on condition of patient.) The selection of medicine depends on severiety of patient .This process starts from 7th Day onwords.of menstrual cycle . This process can be repeted after 3 Months if required. Successfull rate around 40 to 50% which is much better than IVF were this figure is around 10 - 15% only.

Male Infertility Treatment
Male Infertility occurs due to various causes. Male Infertility depends upon genetic and environmental factors also. Most important cause of male Infertility has been known to be due to low sperm count.

Ayurveda explains following causes for male infertility :

  • Ativyavayat – Over indulgence in sexual activity.
  • Vyayamat – Over exertion, it may include any kind of physical exertion or strenuous mental efforts.
  • Avyayamat – Over relaxation, laziness or spending very leisure life.
  • Asatmyanam cha sevanat – Eating over spicy, salted, sour, frozen foods, foods with low nutrition and lack of hygiene; also behavioural habits like sleeping very late at night, hectic lifestyle leads to disparity of Rakta and Pitta Dosha, ultimately causing Shukra kshaya i.e. deficit in Shukra Dhatu qualitatively and quantitatively.
  • Akale – It means at inappropriate time; i.e. before desirable age specifically before age of 16 in females and 18 in that of males, or beyond the age of 65-70 where the body faces generalised debility. Another aspect explains having intercourse very frequently and many times (5-6 times) in a day also leads to debility of Shukra dhatu.
  • Ayonau – Indulging into sex in other than natural ways, i.e. Masturbation, oral or anal sex etc.
  • Maithunam Na Cha Gachataha – Suppression of sexual urge.
  • Narinam Arasaudnyata – Having intercourse with undesirable partner.

Ayurveda Treatment of Oligospermia / Low Sperm Count

Allopathy offers no effective treatment for oligospermia. The treatment offered includes hormonal pills and surgeries which have got worse side effects and condition usually reoccur. In contrast Ayurvedic treatment helps in promoting spermatogenesis by its action in improving the function of the testicles and includes seminal vesicle and epididymas functions. Ayurvedic medicines helps in improving the sperm count and is also beneficial in raising the quality of semen as it improves the blood supply to the glands producing male hormones.


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